CLIMATECH's is a sophisticated weather risk and commodity price inference tool. It allows efficient analysis of teleconnection indices and their relationships to global monthly atmospheric anomalies. Teleconnection indices indicate the strength of various regional and global temperature and circulation 'footprints' apparent in monthly average weather conditions. The tool is designed for anyone interested in developing long range monthly-to-seasonal climate forecasts, including professional meteorologists, educated enthusiasts, and specialists in any number of industries: insurance, ski resorts, commodity hedge funds, and food producers, etc.
This Web tool is developed within the context of monthly climate anomalies and analog-composites conditioned on the values of multiple teleconnection indices (TCIs), or regional pattern similarity. Some of our analysis products can be generated on server-side processors at websites, such as Considering many atmospheric variables and various combinations of TCIs, server-side analyses can be tedious.
By our unique tool design, this tedium is eliminated. Numerous pertinent monthly correlations and composites between and among TCIs and atmospheric fields are generated in advance and updated twice per month. Tool features and analysis types, under continual development and refinement, are listed to the right.
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